Why do I need business insurance?

By Adam Czerwinski | January 8, 2020

Business owners often launch their business because they are GREAT at what they do.  They provide great service.  They build great products.  And they want to have greater control over their life.  However, too often the product or service becomes their focus – and they forget to act and think like a business owner.  And business insurance is left as an afterthought. This post is intended to provide three main reasons why business owners need to stop and purchase insurance for their business.  While not an exhaustive list, these reasons are fundamental to every business – and must be considered.…

How do I protect myself from malpractice claims at my old firm?

By Adam Czerwinski | October 17, 2018

Starting a new role at another firm or creating a new firm altogether is exciting.  Different challenges.  Exciting opportunities. New relationships.  But the new venture can come with fresh concerns.  Specifically, what do I do about malpractice claims at my old firm? How can I maintain coverage without relying on my former employer?  How do I best protect myself going forward? All of these questions can put a damper on your new venture’s excitement.  Here are three paths every transitioning attorney should explore when changing firms.  1.  Contact your prior firm’s carrier Let’s say an attorney has worked at ABC…

What is a retroactive date?

By Adam Czerwinski | October 16, 2018

A legal malpractice policy (AKA Legal Professional Liability policy or LPL policy) covers law firms from malpractice claims.  Generally, these are claims-made policies that only respond to claims presented or discovered during their effective period.  But what about an old mistake that appears years later? This is where the retroactive date matters. The retroactive date is the first date a mistake can occur and be covered.  Note that the mistake and the claim are treated separately. What is a Retroactive Date? The International Risk Management Institute (IRMI) defines a retroactive date as “a provision found in many (although not all) claims-made…

The Definitive Illinois Legal Malpractice Insurance Article

By Adam Czerwinski | October 9, 2018

Most attorneys practice law without fully understanding their legal malpractice insurance.  After nearly 20 years and thousands of dollars in education,  new law firms frequently open their practices with the first policy thrown at them – or worse, with no insurance at all. This post (and the links included within) provide the information your law school professors didn’t tell you about protecting yourself, your firm and your clients.

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